Greetings! I'm Michele Chiaia, and my passion for photography began in junior high school when my Grandfather gifted me his cherished Canon AE-1 camera. I instantly fell in love with capturing special moments and preserving them forever in photographs to share with others. Over the years, my dedication to photography has been recognized with awards and features in school and town newspapers. One of my proudest achievements was securing 1st place in the Quinnipiac University Photo Contest.

The evolution of photography technology has revolutionized my creative journey. With the integration of cameras and computers, I now have the freedom to explore diverse compositions and techniques that were not possible before. The limitations of 36 frames on a roll of film have been replaced by digital photography, allowing me to capture hundreds of frames during each shoot. This enables me to seize split-second moments and even merge them to create captivating time lapses. Additionally, I find immense joy in chasing the exquisite colors of the sky, the sun, and the moon, adding an exciting challenge to my craft. Nevertheless, the essence of capturing extraordinary moments and sharing them through photography remains deeply fulfilling to me.

At present, I rely on the mirrorless Canon R5 camera, paired with a Canon RF 100-500mm lens, for my captivating moon photography. To enhance my shots further, I utilize the Photo Pills app on my iPhone. This powerful tool helps me plan locations, timing, sunrises, sunsets, and moon phases, adding an additional dimension to my photographs.

Thank you for visiting my website, and please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions. You can find all my prints available for purchase in the online Gallery above.