Hello, I am Michele Chiaia, and my passion for photography started in junior high school when my Grandfather gave me his prized camera, a Canon AE-1. Back then, I enjoyed capturing a special event or scene and having that moment forever in a photograph to keep and share with others. I won several awards over the years and was featured in school and town newspapers. Notably, I was honored with 1st place in the Quinnipiac University Photo Contest. 

Since then, photography technology has changed drastically. Cameras being paired with computers allow me to concentrate on different compositions and techniques than I have in past. The days of being limited to 36 frames on a roll of film are long gone. Digital photography lets me take hundreds of frames on every photo shoot, allowing me to get those split-second moments and combine them if I choose to create a time lapse. I also have incorporated the challenge and thrill of chasing the colors of the sky, the sun and the moon. I still take great pleasure in capturing that special moment in a photograph and sharing it for others to see.  

I love how social media has taken my photography to the next level. I can collaborate with other photographers both near and far by just messaging them. Instagram has allowed me to connect with amazing accounts where I can admire others work, ask questions and think outside the box. It is a way to share the photos that are important to me, and best of all, I have made many friends with similar interests along the way ~ priceless!

Currently, I shoot with the mirrorless Canon R5 and I use a Canon RF 100-500mm lens for my moon photography. I use the app Photo Pills on my iPhone to plot locations, times, sunrises, sunsets and phases of the moon which adds a whole other element to my photos.   

Thank you for visitng my webiste, and feel free to contact me with any questions. All prints are for sale in my online Gallery above.

Michele Chiaia